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Tech-Demo: Syncing Clocks

Demo of my server synced real time clock with a lot of colors.I am currently working on a small project for MESO Web Scapes that involves synchronizing independent browser windows (may also extend to independent devices and platforms). I prepared a tiny demo that contains the gist of that synchronisation.

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Evaluating TextSecure Part 2 – Dependency Tree

This is part 2 in my series on TextSecure. Go back to part 1, if you haven’t read it. The analysis took place at the end of february 2014, using revision 5a62856e (current master at that time).

This part will cover basic project dependencies. The dependencies are important, because they will tell us, what code makes up our project. In projects of this size, there’s usually a nice portion that’s not actually written by the project authors themselves.

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WordPress Themes: Menu instead of Pagelist

So you found this nice theme that really works well for your blog? That’s great. But sometimes Themes are not updated by their authors to use the latest features in WordPress. In my Case, i am using Simple Green by Flavius Matis, but it hasn’t been modified for quite some time. The Plugin doesn’t yet feature WordPress Menus, which were introduced recently.

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Email VBS

Nur zur dokumentation, falls mal jemand eine Mail aus der von einem Windows-Rechner aus einem Script senden will. Das hier in eine Datei packen, mailserver, from und to einstellen, als .vbs speichern und ausführen.

Set mailing = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

' Configuration
mailing.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = 2
mailing.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = "mailserver"
mailing.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = 25

' Actual Content
mailing.From = ""
mailing.To = ""
mailing.Subject = "Script-Mail!"
mailing.TextBody = "Hallo Welt"


Wie man Programmieren lernt

Aus den Kursen, die ich bisher gehalten habe, habe ich folgende Erkenntnisse für Programmier-Anfänger gezogen. Es sind die Tipps und Anmerkungen, auf die ich am meisten hinweise.

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