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tcpdump docker traffic

Tiny howto, so don’t need to look this up as often. In order to tcpdump your own docker traffic, you will need to identify the appropriate interface first:

# docker network ls
NETWORK ID      NAME                      DRIVER              SCOPE
15a300de        bridge                    bridge              local
88d8d7d1        nextcloud_default         bridge              local

From that, we get the network ID. This will be included (at least partly) in the interface name, so we’ll just take the first few characters and grep:

# ip addr | grep 88d8b
9: br-88d8d7d1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UP group default

this gives us the full interface name (ok, basically this is just “br-” followed by the network ID).

We can then just use tcpdump any way we like:

tcpdump -i br-88d8d7d1

Windows/MacOS/Linux Cheatsheet

Für Terminal-Einsteiger. Mit Terminal-Grundlagen, Node.JS und Git.

Cheatsheet CLI as PDF

Retracing a project’s state with git

Imagine, you’re coming back to a project that has advanced by two months with various people coming and going. And it’s your job to figure it all out. Git has your back! Here’s how.

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Android App Tipps

I use a lot of apps. Some of them come from painstaking comparisons between a dozen different choices, others just appeared out of nowhere and stuck with me. I prefer open source apps, but not every app on this list is open source. I also included paid apps in here. If it’s in here and it’s paid, i really recommend it. Here’s what’s on my phone. I may write a more detailed “why” or “how” entry one day. Until that day, i’ll leave you with my personal choices. Enjoy!

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Key Signing Party Handout Template

I organized a Key Signing Party a few weeks back and created a handout for every attendee. It featured the keys to be signed and also basic instructions to complete the signing process. It may come in handy for other organizers, so i wanted to share it with you. It’s an OpenDocument format, which should open well in just about any version of LibreOffice, OpenOffice and probably MS Office. I’m placing this under the Free Documentation License.
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