Retracing a project’s state with git

Imagine, you’re coming back to a project that has advanced by two months with various people coming and going. And it’s your job to figure it all out. Git has your back! Here’s how.

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Generating Server-Sent Events on Arduino

This is a tiny demonstration I created for MESO Digital Services. We’re using an Arduino Ethernet to intercept inputs and forward them to a browser. One-Way communication makes Server-Sent Events via Eventsource an interesting and rarely seen choice.

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Die Maus ist wichtiger als Volksmusik

(E-Mail an die ARD, in Folge dieses Berichts)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

bestürzt habe ich die Meldung über ihre Programm-Abwägung zugunsten “Immer wieder Sonntags” und zu Lasten der “Sendung mit der Maus” lesen müssen. Ich verstehe es nicht, bitte erklärt es mir.
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The state of the Ruby ecosystem on Windows

It’s not really a secret that Ruby is not best friends with Windows. You often encounter gems that just won’t install or if they install, will not run as expected. Among those gems are mysql, eventmachine, nokogiri or, in my latest project, curb. I think this could be improved a lot with just a few changes.

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Android App Tipps

I use a lot of apps. Some of them come from painstaking comparisons between a dozen different choices, others just appeared out of nowhere and stuck with me. I prefer open source apps, but not every app on this list is open source. I also included paid apps in here. If it’s in here and it’s paid, i really recommend it. Here’s what’s on my phone. I may write a more detailed “why” or “how” entry one day. Until that day, i’ll leave you with my personal choices. Enjoy!

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