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Removing Git Credentials (Windows)

I found myself in an environment where I need to be able to log out users automatically.

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Spotify CarThing Internet Access

The Spotify CarThing was discontinued late 2022 and subsequently heavily discounted. I got a friend of mine to send one to me, because at that time it was pretty apparent that there was a good chance of this being very hackable. First order of business for me was: internet access.

Here, we’re setting up a Raspberry Pi with a Socks-Proxy, a local webserver and the relevant settings on the CarThing itself.

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Securing a QNAP NAS

I recently bought a new NAS, after my old one turned ten. I am very satisfied with the reliability of my old QNAP which is still supported with software updates. This makes me a happy customer, and so I did not see any reason to switch brands. After initial setup (networking, firmware update, disabling most services) I did not get around to finishing its setup for a few days. It basically sat there from late May 2020 to early July 2020. Somehow it contracted QSnatch in that timeframe. I’ll explain what I did differently after that.

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OAuth2 with Nextcloud (Provider) and GitLab (Client)

I recently configured GitLab as a OAuth2 client to a Nextcloud Instance. I wanted OAuth2 to be the only way of logging in, and Nextcloud to provide the information needed for one-click user signup (actually, three clicks). This process was not entirely straightforward, especially since I don’t want my buttons to read “OAuth2-Generic”. Changing the name after setting everything up, means changing URLs and in combination with Nextcloud this means recreating your tokens. Long story short: I wrote down how I did it.

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McCoy – ATtiny LED Project

McCoy is a side project I made to learn how to use the ATtiny microcontroller. The Idea came about at MRMCD2016, when I received a welcome gift in form of a light-up LED Pill. The very first thing crossing my mind was to put more electronics into this tiny housing.


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