Open Source

Contributions to other Projects

Own Projects

  • Batman -> Zabbix (import your android device’s monitoring data to zabbix, ruby)
  • wishlist (self-hosted wishlist, Ruby on Rails)
  • inkling-ruby (convert wacom inkling files to svg, ruby)
  • pinMI (pinterest clone we did as a Ruby on Rails introduction for Hochschule Rhein Main, Ruby on Rails)
  • Backseat.js (know when that tab of yours is in the background, JavaScript)
  • TOStify (keep track of page changes, checking them into a git repository. Originally invented for TOS pages, Ruby)
  • OwnCloud PIM Backup (export your calendar and contacts into a nice git repository, Ruby and Git)


Claudius Coenen is a tech-enthusiast. He's writing on all kinds of topics, including programming, technology, gadgets and media.

This site features his occasional articles, findings, documentations.



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