The state of the Ruby ecosystem on Windows

It’s not really a secret that Ruby is not best friends with Windows. You often encounter gems that just won’t install or if they install, will not run as expected. Among those gems are mysql, eventmachine, nokogiri or, in my latest project, curb. I think this could be improved a lot with just a few changes.

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Android App Tipps

I use a lot of apps. Some of them come from painstaking comparisons between a dozen different choices, others just appeared out of nowhere and stuck with me. I prefer open source apps, but not every app on this list is open source. I also included paid apps in here. If it’s in here and it’s paid, i really recommend it. Here’s what’s on my phone. I may write a more detailed “why” or “how” entry one day. Until that day, i’ll leave you with my personal choices. Enjoy!

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Was ist eigentlich ein dreckiger Hack?

Das ist die Wasserleitung, die man erneuern müsste. Was Zeit braucht und Geld kostet. Stattdessen klebt man Klebeband drauf. Das reicht auch mal für ein paar Tage.

Alternativ ist es die Leiter, mit deren Hilfe man die Glühbirne zu wechseln könnte. Aber wir steigen auf den Drehstuhl, der noch dazu auf dem Tisch steht.

In Code gegossen ist es die Abwägung, etwas anständig zu programmieren, was in der Regel erstmal länger dauern würde. Deswegen verwenden wir eine Abkürzung, die man später nicht mehr versteht oder nicht mehr warten kann, die einem andere Wege oder die Weiterentwicklung zumindest erschwert.

Der dreckige Hack kann aufgehen, aber mit Pech bricht er einem das Genick.

Key Signing Party Handout Template

I organized a Key Signing Party a few weeks back and created a handout for every attendee. It featured the keys to be signed and also basic instructions to complete the signing process. It may come in handy for other organizers, so i wanted to share it with you. It’s an OpenDocument format, which should open well in just about any version of LibreOffice, OpenOffice and probably MS Office. I’m placing this under the Free Documentation License.
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Impact JS Demo

I dug up a project of mine, dusted if off and put it on my webserver once more. About a year ago, I played around with Impact a little bit. I have had a license for a little longer and always wanted to put it to good use, but projects were pretty dry and serious around that time. Certainly nothing that would involve a game of any kind.

In september, I decided to create a nice interactive background for my wedding website, and as luck would have it, geek culture was a big part of that wedding. The natural choice was a jump-and-run classic with slightly customized characters.

impact jump and run demo from 2013

Starting out with impact (and with a lot of other things on my mind, back then), I was worried that I wouldn’t finish it. It turned out to be no problem at all. The main body of code was written in less than six hours, with a few tweaks over the following few days. That time includes reading the docs and getting to know impact itself. I’m really impressed with how simple getting into it was. If you have some experience with JavaScript, you shouldn’t have too much trouble building your own games in no time flat.


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