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I use a lot of apps. Some of them come from painstaking comparisons between a dozen different choices, others just appeared out of nowhere and stuck with me. I prefer open source apps, but not every app on this list is open source. I also included paid apps in here. If it’s in here and it’s paid, i really recommend it. Here’s what’s on my phone. I may write a more detailed “why” or “how” entry one day. Until that day, i’ll leave you with my personal choices. Enjoy!

(odd or super-important choices will appear bold, names will link to the app’s website or it’s play store item)


BeyondPod, Pocket (still on version 4.3.6, the last one without address book permissions), aCalendar+, Astrid (which was killed off by yahoo, but lives on as abaker’s Tasks), Firefox, Chrome, ownCloud News Reader, FBReader + FBReader TTS+ Plugin, KeePass2Android Offline, Öffi, RecForge Pro, RepliGo Reader (apparently discontinued?)


Barcode Scanner, AndroSpectro Lite, DriveDroid, BubbleUPNP, Ghost Commander + SMB Plugin + SFTP Plugin or Root Explorer, Screen Filter, Send Reduced, DSLR-Controller, MyCookbook Pro

Background Stuff

Accupedo Pro, ClockSync, ownCloud (+JB Workaround), Titanium Backup + Tasker + rsync backup for android + busybox (i think), CaldDAV Sync, CardDAV Sync (each with JB Workaround), Volume Locker, Chronicle (my own app, which might or might not ever be released)

System Tools / Debug Stuff / Geekporn

F-Droid, Better Battery Stats, GPS Status & Toolbox, OS Monitor, SQLite Debugger, Storage Anaylser, Super SU, OpenVPN, PocketGit

Communication / Social Networks

K9 + OpenKeyChain, Tinfoil for Facebook, TweetLanes, flinc, Conversations, Yaaic


Duolingo, Impress Remote, TextWarrior, VLC, WordPress, Merck PSE HD, Ultimate Guitar Tabs&Chords (beware: notifications), Android Lollipop Keyboard (taken from some obscure APK hoster, sorry)


Super Hexagon Deluxe, Simon Tatham’s Puzzles, Super Stickman Golf 2, Spaceteam, Graphilogic, Tiny Death Star (discontinued, as well), Star Command, Lazors (from Pyrosphere), 7×7 (from Kiip Inc), Huebrix Free (from Noodlecake), Osmos, ScummVM, Battleheart (Mika Mobile), Thomas was alone

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  1. Instead of Screen Filter, i now use Dimmer (Dimmer Source on Github). It can also tint the screen.


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