Impact JS Demo

I dug up a project of mine, dusted if off and put it on my webserver once more. About a year ago, I played around with Impact a little bit. I have had a license for a little longer and always wanted to put it to good use, but projects were pretty dry and serious around that time. Certainly nothing that would involve a game of any kind.

In september, I decided to create a nice interactive background for my wedding website, and as luck would have it, geek culture was a big part of that wedding. The natural choice was a jump-and-run classic with slightly customized characters.

impact jump and run demo from 2013

Starting out with impact (and with a lot of other things on my mind, back then), I was worried that I wouldn’t finish it. It turned out to be no problem at all. The main body of code was written in less than six hours, with a few tweaks over the following few days. That time includes reading the docs and getting to know impact itself. I’m really impressed with how simple getting into it was. If you have some experience with JavaScript, you shouldn’t have too much trouble building your own games in no time flat.

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